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Product Toolkits

Product Toolkit Materials

Ordering Product Toolkits

To order Product toolkits, your company must be registered with VTP and have an active license for the applicable toolkit. You must be a VTP site subscriber.

  • If your company is not already registered, there are two VTP options that allow Toolkit licensing, which provide different levels of access to Visa materials: Technology Registration or Product Toolkits Only Registration. Please see Registering and Licensing to determine the option that meets your business needs. Note: The one-time VTP Administrative Fees do not apply to the Product Toolkits Only Registration.
  • If your company is registered and you are not a subscriber, please contact your company’s VTP administrator to be added as a subscriber. You must then login and accept the VTP site license.
  • If you do not know if your company is registered or who your company’s VTP administrator is, please contact Chip Toolkits.
  • If you are a subscriber and your company does not have an active license for the toolkit you wish to order, you must first view and accept the click license for the applicable toolkit type.

Once licensed, the Toolkit license status will show as "Active" and you may initiate the ordering process by clicking “Order Toolkit”:

  • You will be presented with an order form and asked to confirm payment. Shipping and Handling varies based on shipping location and will be applied to the amount due.
  • Upon confirmation, your order will be sent to Visa Fulfillment for payment processing and fulfillment. Instructions on who to contact to complete payment will be included in the confirmation message and email.
Acquirer Device Validation ToolkitSubscriber Only
Visa Mobile CDET AppPublic

Toolkit Support Materials
ADVT User GuideLicensed
Published: Nov-17   Version: 7.0
Provides users with information on the expected terminal behaviors and expected results when each ADVT test case is executed. The Guide should be provided to toolkit users, along with the vendor-supplied ADVT card and host simulators.
Visa Confirmed Third-party Chip Tool SuppliersPublic
Published: Feb-18   
Lists the confirmed third-party test tool vendors and their associated card and issuer host simulator products. Tools available include ADVT Card Simulators, ADVT Issuer Host Simulators and Personalization Validation Tools (PVT) - compliant to Visa Global Chip Card Personalization Validation Requirements.
Visa Chip Test Tools Documentation Release MatrixPublic
Published: Feb-18   
A complete list of the latest Chip Test Tools documentation designed to help vendors ensure they are enhancing their test tool solutions in accordance with the latest published versions.
Chip Product Toolkit PricingPublic
Published: Oct-11   
Pricing for Product Toolkits
Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit User Guide 6.1.1 ClarificationsSubscriber Only
Published: Oct-16   
An addendum to ADVT User Guide Version 6.1.1, bulletin provides updates/clarifications of specific sections of the guide.
Visa Smart Debit/Credit Personalization Assistant Product ProfilePublic
Published: Oct-11   Version: NA
Overview of features and benefits of VPA for issuers and personalization service providers.

qVSDC ScheduleSubscriber Only
Current list of materials included in the qVSDC Schedule. This list will be updated periodically and applies to all companies with an Active license for this category.
Note: The qVSDC Device Module (DM) does not apply to clients in the US region. Only CDET applies for Visa payWave acceptance testing.

Global Personalization Requirements
Global Personalization Requirements ScheduleSubscriber Only
Current list of materials included in the Global Personalization Requirements Schedule. This list will be updated periodically and applies to all companies with an Active license for this category.
Visa Global Personalization Requirements User GuideLicensed
Published: Aug-15   Version: 3.0
Provides an overview of Visa's Global Chip Card Validation Process requirements for prospective users and guidelines for developing personalization validation tools (PVT) for executing these requirements. It is a companion to the Global Personalization Requirements Test Cases.
Visa Global Personalization Requirements Test CasesLicensed
Published: Aug-15   Version: 3.0
Defines the test cases that need to be executed to complete Visa's Global Chip Card Validation Process for contact and contactless cards or other non-standard form factor payment devices that may apply to all Visa regional geographies.
Visa GPR 3.0 Additions and ClarificationsLicensed
Published: Aug-16   Version: 3.0
Provides additions, clarifications and corrections to the GPR 3.0 User Guide and Test Cases.