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Registration & Licensing

To gain access to subscriber and licensed-only content on this site, complete the following steps:

  • Complete Registration process including subscribing to the Technology Partner site.
  • Download, sign and submit the relevant Visa licenses or agreements.
  • Pay applicable registration and administrative fees.


Complete and submit the online Registration Form. Following its review and approval, Visa will send subscriber logon information for the site and instructions on licensing.

There are multiple registration options, which provide varying levels of access to Visa materials. Please carefully review the options to determine which registration meets your needs.

Technology Registration: Allows subscribed companies to license Visa chip and mobile technology, software applets as well as Visa Ready and Approval Services testing materials. Requires payment of VTP Administrative fees and review and approval by the Visa region where the company is registered to conduct business. To help us understand the licenses you will need, you may choose one or more options under this registration, which include:

  • Chip Specifications and Software: Chip and contactless materials listed under Library> Technology Specifications and Software. Includes Approval Services testing materials.
  • Mobile Specifications and Software: Mobile, Secure Element and Cloud-based materials and applets listed under Mobile Publications.
  • Visa payWave for Mobile Developers Program: Access to the Visa payWave for Mobile section of the Visa Developer Center, which contains the Visa's reference mobile application, SDKs, and UI technical documentation and specifications.

The following limited registrations are available for vendors who require access only to specific materials and who do NOT need access to Visa specifications and software licensed by the Technology Registration. NOTE: If your company has an active Technology Registration, you do not need to re-register for access to these materials.

Licensing and Agreements

Chip and Mobile Technology Licensing

Technology Registration: After subscribing, you may download the applicable Visa licenses from your My Account page. The Technology and Software licenses may also be downloaded from the respective sections in the Library:

  • Technology Specifications License: Licenses access to contact and contactless chip and mobile specifications. See the Library/Technology Specifications and Mobile Publications pages for the list of specifications and other documentation covered by this license. Used when both Chip and Mobile options are selected when registering.
  • Software License: Licenses access to Visa software applets and related documentation as listed on the Library/Software and Mobile Publications pages. Used when both Chip and Mobile options are selected when registering.

When registering, if you selected Mobile without chip and/or Visa payWave for Mobile Developers Program options, the following licenses may be added to your My Account page for downloading:

  • Mobile Specifications and Software Licenses: Licenses access to mobile specifications and applets as listed on the Mobile Publications page. Added to your My Account page when Mobile is selected without Chip when registering.
  • Visa Integrated Mobile Application Developer License: Licenses access to the mobile SDKs and payWave section of the Visa Developer Center. See Mobile pages on this site for more information. Added to your My Account page if selected when registering.

Based on the products you are developing, Visa may add other legal agreements to your My Account page for downloading, for example, Approval Services Testing Agreements.

Visa recommends that you review Using the Library and Mobile pages to assist you in determining the chip or mobile specifications/technology you need to license for your product.


Upon receipt of signed chip or mobile technology license agreements, Visa will generate an online invoice with the total fees due per the VTP Administrative Processing Fees. You will be notified and provided a link to initiate the payment process on your My Account page.

NOTE: The Registration Administrative Fee is a one-time fee. It only applies to the Technology Registration . It is billed upon receipt of the first signed chip or mobile technology license agreement for a registered company. All fees paid for registration and licensing are non-refundable.

Mobile Products Licensing

Visa licenses specifications, software and other materials to support Visa Mobile global programs. Please see the Mobile section on this site for more information on mobile programs. Contact your Visa regional mobile representative if you have additional questions regarding the appropriate registration option for your mobile program.

Approvals Services Agreements

Prior to sale and deployment, all chip cards, acceptance devices and mobile products must be tested as described in the Approval Services section on this site. To access Visa's confidential and proprietary testing materials, you must first sign and submit a Visa Testing Services Agreement. Please contact Approval Services to initiate the process if you do not already have a signed Visa Testing Services Agreement.