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Bulletins and Announcements

This section contains bulletins and other important announcements on chip-related topics. To view the confidential announcements in this section, you must be registered and subscribed to the Visa Technology Partner website. To view licensed only documents, you must also complete a license agreement.

Chip Bulletin #13: EMV Contactless Communication Protocol Specification TestingLicensed
Published: May-16   
Clarifies that approval testing can also be performed to the newer versions of EMV CCPS that have subsequently been published, and to provide approval testing migration dates for consumer mobile handsets.
Chip Bulletin #15: Sunsetting of Visa VSDC Applet 2.7.1Licensed
Published: Oct-09   
Announcement of the sunsetting of Visa VSDC Applet 2.7.1. Explains Visa’s decision to encourage movement to products supporting the latest versions of the VIS (1.5) and VCPS (2.1) specifications
Chip Bulletin #16: Specifications and Applets - Availability and SunsettingLicensed
Published: Apr-16   
Outlines Visa's current offerings and plans for sunsetting older specifications and applets.
Chip Bulletin #17: Chip Card Products - Revised Renewal and Approval PolicyLicensed
Published: Jan-15   
Visa policy covering continued use of a product that has been removed from the Visa Approved Products List.
Chip Bulletin #18: Visa VSDC 2.7.1 Applet – qVSDC New Card CheckLicensed
Published: May-10   
The Visa VSDC 2.7.1 applet does not perform the qVSDC New Card check as specified in the Visa Contactless Payment Specification 2.0.2 Additions & Clarifications 3. Issuers or card personalizers using the Visa VSDC 2.7.1 applet for dual-interface card products should not personalize their cards to use this check.
Chip Bulletin #21: Global Contactless Interoperability Rules RevisedPublic
Published: Oct-12   
This bulletin overrides Chip Advisory 18. To align client development timelines with Chip Acceleration Plan that Visa announced in August 2011, Visa Operating Regulations related to Visa payWave products and acceptance devices have been revised. This was announced via VBN in December 2011, however Chip Advisory 18 was not updated to reflect the changes, thus we have created Chip Bulletin 21.
Chip Bulletin #23: Testing Availability for Updated SpecificationsLicensed
Published: Oct-12   
The VIS and VCPS specifications were updated a few months ago. This bulletin is to let the vendors know that updated test plans are now available and they can submit their new products developed to VIS v1.5.4 and VCPS v2.1.2 to the test labs.
Chip Bulletin #24: Testing Products Developed to Visa Global Platform Specifications Licensed
Published: Nov-12   
For vendors as a reminder to provide clarification on the change that is effective 1-1-2013 as it relates to card products that have been developed to the Visa Global Platform Specifications.
Chip Bulletin #25: Sending Contactless Test Cards, Dual Interface Test Cards and Contactless Test Stickers to Visa for Cross-TestingLicensed
Published: May-13   
To notify vendors and test labs of a process change regarding the submission of contactless test cards, dual interface test cards and contactless test stickers for Visa cross-testing.
Chip Bulletin #26 - Availability of VSDC 2.8.1T Payment AppletPublic
Published: Feb-13   
This bulletin announces the availability of the VSDC v2.8.1T payment applet.
Chip Bulletin #28: Managing Inventory of Expiring VSDC 2.7.1 Chip Card ProductsLicensed
Published: Feb-15   
Chip Bulletin #29: Secure Element and Applet Mobile Product Approval PolicyPublic
Published: Oct-13   
An extract of the Mobile Specifications and Applets Sunset Plan, describes the current Visa product approval policy for Secure Elements and Applets used in Visa payWave for Mobile deployments.
Chip Bulletin #30: Visa Accredited EMV Consultant ProgramPublic
Published: Nov-14   
This bulletin announces the availability of the Visa Accredited EMV Consultant Program.
Chip Bulletin #31: Mobile Secure Elements - Revised Renewal and Lifecycle Management PolicyPublic
Published: Mar-15   
This bulletin announces Visa's secure element lifecycle management policy that is effective 1 June 2015. This new policy will be replacing the existing secure element renewal policy.
Chip Bulletin #32: Sunset of MSD-only Contactless Reader TestingPublic
Published: May-15   
This bulletin announces that Visa Approval Services will no longer accept MSD-only contactless readers for testing.
Chip Bulletin #33: Host Card Emulation (HCE) TestingPublic
Published: Jun-15   
This bulletin communicates the availability of testing for Host Card Emulation (HCE) enabled handsets.
Chip Bulletin #34: Misapplication of Common AID Outside USLicensed
Published: Nov-15   
Recent reports in LAC indicate that some ATMs across Latin America have been erroneously programmed to accept U.S. Common AID, leading to transaction termination and confusion for U.S.-issued Debit cardholders.
Chip Bulletin #35: Contactless ATMsPublic
Published: Nov-15   
ATM vendors are reminded that Visa payWave enabled ATMs deployed in Visa Inc. and Visa Europe must meet the requirements outlined in the Transaction Acceptance Device Guide v3.0, Appendix G Contactless ATM Requirements, and that not all VCPS or EMV Contactless Book C-3 kernels may be able to meet the requirements outlined in that document.
Chip Bulletin #36: Card Lifecycle Management PolicyLicensed
Published: Dec-15   
Effective 1 January 2016 Visa is introducing a revised, holistic approach to card lifecycle management that takes into account the entire period from approval of the base chip until the date the final card using the product expires in the field.
Chip Bulletin #37: New VSDC AppletsLicensed
Published: Dec-15   
This bulletin announces the availability of the VSDC 2.8.1G applet. It also outlines the features of this applet and the forthcoming VSDC 2.9 applet.
Chip Bulletin #38: New VSDC 2.9 AppletLicensed
Published: Jun-16   
This bulletin announces the availability of the VSDC 2.9 card payment applet.
Chip Bulletin #39: Mobile Specifications and Applets - Availability and SunsettingLicensed
Published: Jul-16   
Outlines Visa's current mobile offerings and plans for sunsetting older specifications and applets.
Chip Bulletin #40: Battery Powered Dynamic CVV2 (dCVV2) Cards Accepted for Approval Subscriber Only
Published: Oct-16   
Visa announces support for dynamic CVV2 cards and outlines the process for card product approval.
Chip Advisory #17: Visa payWave: PAN Sequence NumberLicensed
Published: Oct-10   
Describes how the PAN Sequence Number (PSN) should be personalized on VCPS 2.1.x card applications to ensure inclusion of the PSN in VCPS 2.0.2 devices online and clearing messages.
Chip Advisory #19: "Dynamic Authentication" does not mean "DDA" (US Region)Public
Published: Oct-11   
Clarifies the distinction between Dynamic Authentication and DDA for US Region.
Chip Advisory #20: Visa Recommended Practices for EMV Chip Implementation in the U.S.Public
Published: Jul-12   
Recommended practices for issuers, acquirers, merchants, processors and vendors in the process of planning, adopting and implementing chip technology programs in the U.S.
Chip Advisory #22: Updated Policy - Chip Devices with Expired EMV ApprovalsPublic
Published: Feb-12   
Updated policy: Addresses testing and deployment of devices with expired EMV approvals.

This section contains Approval Services only bulletins through July 2012. Please see section above for Bulletins published after that date.

Approval Services Announcements
ASA20170419 - Release 2 of the VIS 1.6.1A and VCPS 2.2A Card Test Plans  NEWLicensed
Published: Apr-17   
Introducing the Release 2 of the VIS 1.6.1A and VCPS 2.2A Card Test Plans
ASA20170320 - Approval Services NewsletterLicensed
Published: Mar-17   
Newsletter including Emerging Technologies in Payments
ASA20161020 - VCPS 2.2 Test Plan Availability for Contactless Chip Card Acceptance Device Test Plan, Version 2.2aLicensed
Published: Oct-16   
Approval Services announces availability of test plan for VCPS 2.2 for Contactless Chip Card Acceptance Devices
ASA20161017 - New Test Plan for Terminals Supporting Fleet SpecificationLicensed
Published: Oct-16   
New test plan available for acceptance devices supporting Visa Fleet Chip (VFC) Specification
ASA20161006 - Cards Supporting dCVV2Licensed
Published: Oct-16   
Commercial type approval testing for cards supporting dCVV2
ASA20160915 - Approval Services NewsletterLicensed
Published: Sep-16   
Introducing a newly recognized lab and our new testing robot.
ASA20160721 - Chip Card Submissions and Visa Chip Bulletin 16Licensed
Published: Jul-16   
Highlights the impact to card submissions in response to updates to Visa Chip Bulletin 16.
ASA20160720 - Mobile Product Submissions and Visa Chip Bulletin 13Licensed
Published: Jul-16   
Highlights the impact to mobile product submissions in response to updates to Visa Chip Bulletin 13.
ASA20160715 - Reduced Sample Testing for GlobalPlatform CardsLicensed
Published: Jul-16   
Introduces Reduced Sample testing approach for GlobalPlatform chip card products supporting VIS 1.6 UL1 and VCPS 2.2.
ASA20160623 - VOQOS Testing AvailabilityLicensed
Published: Jun-16   
Introducing Visa testing for Chip Card Acceptance Devices supporting the function for offline data authentication (ODA) for qVSDC online transactions [VOQOS 1.3].
ASA20160615 - Approval Services NewsletterLicensed
Published: Jun-16   Version: June 2016
Newsletter for vendors.
ASA20150801 - Contactless Card Performance RequirementsLicensed
Published: Aug-15   Version: August 2015
Contactless performance requirements for contactless cards using a 1152 bit ICC key size.