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Test Automation

Device vendors are required to submit new baseline Chip Acceptance Device products, and subsequent derivatives, with the Visa Cross Testing Automation Specification (VCAS) implemented into their SDK.

VCAS defines the interface communication and the requirements for building the communication between the robot controller and the SDK. The requirements for the VCAS can be found in the SDK Interface Standardization Guideline for Automated Device Cross Testing. This document contains the VCAS functions and their requirements to allow a successful automated cross-testing process with the test laboratory robot systems.

Visa encourages all device vendors to utilize the VCAS Verifier Tool before submitting a product to the laboratories. The VCAS Verifier Tool produces a VCAS Verifier Report that will be submitted to the laboratories along with the device. The report will indicate non-compliance to the VCAS. Laboratories review the VCAS Verifier Report and notify Approval Services of any failures before start of testing. If failures are indicated in the report, Approval Services will analyze and determine if testing can resume.

Vendors who have signed the Visa Sub-License Agreement for VCAS Verifier can obtain the VCAS Verifier tool. Please contact Approval Services for information.