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Visa 3-D Secure 2.0

Attention: Visa Secure EMV 3DS Content has been relocated

The Visa Secure content previously hosted on this page has been relocated to the Visa Secure Services (VSS) website

VSS is a globally available Visa Online service that enables public access to Visa Secure information and expanded client access to Visa Secure resources and subscription-based services. There is no fee for the use of VSS.

VSS Library. Users can find public documentation in the VSS Library link at the top of the VSS page. The VSS Library provides a “Filter By” feature to help locate information. Users can access resources such as certification guides, Visa’s EMV 3DS Approved Products List, FAQs and forms.

VSS Login Capability. After logging in to VSS, issuers, acquirers, agents and EMV 3DS product providers can access additional guides, resources, and services that are not available on the public website.

Bookmark this link. Visit the Visa Secure Services website. The documents previously hosted on this site can be found in the VSS Library under “Getting Started” category.