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Visa Ready for Mobile Payments

Visa Ready for Mobile Secure Element Payments

As with contactless chip cards, Visa has developed programs and processes to ensure that financial institutions, merchants and cardholders have access to Visa-compliant products and services that support Visa payWave for mobile.

Compared with conventional card issuance, mobile contactless involves additional stakeholders and suppliers. Through the Visa Ready Program, Visa has established a compliance testing process both for mobile NFC devices and for secure elements that host the Visa payWave application. As part of this program, Visa is:

  • Establishing clear guidelines for extensive technical, security and usability testing with respect to the Visa payment functionality.
  • Ensuring Visa transactions initiated with NFC mobile devices are compliant with the global standard for chip-enabled payments.
  • Providing NFC device manufacturers with a Visa Ready symbol that can be used to market and promote mobile devices as approved for use with Visa payWave.

In order to participate in the Visa Ready Program, Visa requires secure elements providers, mobile device manufacturers and trusted service managers or vendors involved in the development and provisioning of Visa payWave accounts for mobile phones meet all Visa’s functional and security standards.

For specific questions on the Visa Ready Mobile SE Payments, please email

Visa Ready for Cloud-based Payments

Visa recognizes that cloud-based payments present a growing opportunity to increase the usage of mobile payments as a convenient and trusted method of commerce. Visa is taking steps to drive these innovations across the marketplace, including extending the Visa Ready program to support partners working with financial institutions commercializing cloud-based payments programs. Visa Ready provides new standards, tools, and certification programs to ensure that cloud-based payments technology and service providers develop products and services that are compatible with Visa’s requirements.

The new Visa Ready for cloud-based payments program provides the following:

  • Standards: Visa has defined a standard and outlined a set of product and program requirements that, if met, allow Visa issuers to enable Visa payWave on mobile devices without a secure element; for example, devices supporting Host Card Emulation (HCE). These specifications are necessary for issuers looking to develop products and solutions supporting cloud-based payments (including HCE solutions) and partners supporting issuers in the provisioning and lifecycle management of Visa cloud enabled account credentials. Visa cloud-based payments program documentation is available on the Mobile Publications page.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): Visa has developed a software development kit to support financial institutions and partners that wish to develop their own cloud-based payment applications or want to enhance their existing mobile banking applications with Visa payWave functionality. To request access to the cloud-based payments SDK, please email Requires Visa payWave for Mobile Developers license.
  • Visa Ready Program for Cloud-based Payments Process: Visa Ready provides a path for vendors to have their products and solutions that meet Visa’s requirements designated as “Visa Ready.” It includes processes for approving the functional and security requirements of mobile applications and the secure operation and hosting of cloud-based payments solutions For more information, see the Visa Ready for Cloud-based Payments Program Process page.

For specific questions on Visa Ready cloud-based payments, please email