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Visa Ready Tokenization Program

Visa Ready Tokenization Program

To gain access to the Visa Ready Tokenization Program documents, complete and submit the online Registration Form and select the "Visa Ready Tokenization Program" registration option. Following Visa's review and approval, Visa will send subscriber logon information for the site.

Note: If your company has an active registration, you do not need to re-register. Please contact to request access.

Introduction to Visa Ready Tokenization

Visa has a long history of engaging with third parties to open up the payments ecosystem to users and innovators across the world. Our Visa Direct API program is an example of such broad and borderless collaboration. Keeping with that spirit, we are excited about engaging with both old and new partners on advancing token technology throughout the world.

We recognize that there is a need within the ecosystem for specialty players who can mimic, in the digital world, the services they provide in the physical world. Accordingly, we are creating a program called Visa Ready Tokenization. Through the program, Visa will begin the process of allowing third parties to participate as value-add service providers to enable token transactions and token system participants. These third parties will fill two new roles:

  • Token Requestor Token Service Providers (“Token Requestor TSPs”) - certified partners connected to Visa, and possibly other networks, that allow organizations interested in developing consumer digital payment solutions (“Token Requestors”) to develop and integrate solutions that use and support Visa payment tokens; Token Requestor TSPs facilitate the provisioning and lifecycle management of Visa payment tokens into token requestor payment applications and consumer devices, including mobile phones, and IOT devices

  • Issuer Token Service Providers (“Issuer TSPs”) - certified partners connected to Visa, and possibly other networks, that provide solutions to issuing financial institutions (“Issuers”) to facilitate the provisioning, consumer ID&V, token lifecycle management and notifications of Visa payment tokens for Issuers participating in token requestors’ payment services, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Moving forward, Token Requestors and Issuers can work through these service providers powered by Visa Tokenization Services. Please refer to the Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Provider Directory.

As we think about how best to construct and implement new partnerships in this space, we are carefullyevaluating critical issues such as security, interoperability and scalability. Visa must ensure that the integrity of the system and/or the security safeguards that consumers expect of the Visa brand are not compromised. Visa is not ruling out the possibility of additional types of third party token services in the future and is diligently working to better understand how best to grow the technology for consumers everywhere. We welcome dialogue and engagement with all interested parties in this exciting journey.

Becoming a Token Service Provider

  1. Prioritization
  2. Many parties have already expressed interested in becoming Visa Ready TSPs. However, in practice Visa’s bandwidth to onboard new TSPs is limited. Visa is actively exploring ways to expand its capacity to onboard new TSPs. Initially, however, Visa will be forced to prioritize the onboarding of those parties with the greatest ability to help scale Visa Tokenization Services.

    In evaluating this potential, Visa will consider:

    • Current partnerships with token requestors or Visa issuers
    • Current regional coverage
    • Regional market demand for Visa Tokenization Services
    • Token Service Provider strategy & specialization
    • Prior Visa integration experience
  3. Agree to Commercial Terms
  4. Visa is defining the roles and services provided by Visa Ready Tokenization through the Visa Digital Enablement Program (VDEP). Agreeing to these commercial terms is a prerequisite for any development work to integrate with Visa Token Services. In addition to a master VDEP agreement, specific addendums pertaining to individual roles (e.g. Token Service Provider, Token Requestor, Issuer) are required.

  5. Planning & Development
  6. Once a potential TSP has executed the VDEP master agreement, Visa will provide that entity with technical specifications and documentation related to Visa Token Services. Potential TSPs will then be asked to complete a solution proposal, outlining the specific token services they intend to deliver and their approach. Once and only once the potential TSP has also executed the TSP addendum, Visa will review and assess that solution proposal. Visa will also enable access to a certification/sandbox environment.

  7. TSP Qualification
  8. Once Visa and a potential TSP are satisfied with their solution, they can begin the qualification process. Depending on the specifics of the solution proposed, a number of evaluations are performed. All TSPs will be evaluated by the functionality of their integration with Visa Token Service APIs. In addition, the security of all TSP solutions will be evaluated by third party labs.

  9. Visa Ready Token Service Provider
  10. After successfully completing all necessary qualifications, the solution may be granted ‘Visa Ready’ status. Visa will provide marketing materials to the Visa Ready Token Service Provider to enable promoting the solution with our partners and clients.

Product and Program Documentation
VTS Service Description Guide for Token Service ProvidersLicensed
Published: Oct-16   Version: 1.0
Describes the services exposed to TR-TSPs and Issuer-TSPs, which TSPs can use to develop services. Defines TSP roles, responsibilities and participation requirements.
VTS Token Service Provider RequirementsLicensed
Published: Oct-16   Version: 1.0
Outlines TSP standards, including security, functional, non-functional, and qualification requirements.
VTS Token Requestor Token Service Provider Implementation GuideLicensed
Published: Jun-17   Version: 2.1
Describes steps for TR-TSPs to integrate with VTS.
VTS Issuer Token Service Provider Implementation GuideLicensed
Published: Oct-16   Version: 1.0
Describes steps for Issuer TSPs to integrate with VTS
VTS API Reference Guide  NEWLicensed
Published: Sep-17   Version: 5.4
VTS Issuer Web Service Development GuideLicensed
Published: Feb-17   Version: 1.22
The Visa Token Services (VTS) Issuer Web Service Interface Development Guide provides specifications for issuers integrating with Visa systems in order to access VTS functions.
Visa Digital Services E-Commerce, Card-on-File, and In-App Tokenization Implementation GuideLicensed
Published: Sep-16   Version: 1.5
This document focuses on implementation of the Visa Token Service for e-commerce, card-on-file, and in-app scenarios.

Visa Ready - Testing and Certification Documentation
Visa Ready Token Requestor-TSP Qualification & Solution Approval Process GuideLicensed
Published: Nov-16   Version: 1.0
Describes testing and certification (Qualification) requirements for TR-TSPs. Describes testing and certification (Solution approval) requirements for token requestor commercial solutions. Provides step-by-step process for achieving TR-TSP Qualification and Solution Approval.
Visa Ready Issuer-TSP Qualification & Solution Approval Process GuideLicensed
Published: Nov-16   Version: 1.0
Describes testing and certification (Qualification) requirements for Issuer-TSPs. Describes testing and certification (Solution approval) requirements for token requestor commercial solutions. Provides step-by-step process for achieving Issuer-TSP qualification and solution approval.
Visa Ready Requirements and Program Guide for Token RequestorsLicensed
Published: Nov-16   Version: 1.0
Describes Visa Ready (i.e., testing and certification) requirements for token requestors interested in developing compliant payment capable devices and hardware components. Provides step-by-step description of the process for achieving Visa Ready certification.
VTS Branding and User Experience StandardsLicensed
Published: Jun-16   Version: 1.0
This guide contains Visa brand and user experience requirements for participants in the Visa Token Service.
Visa Ready Program Participating Test Tool Vendors and Security Labs  NEWPublic
Published: Aug-17   Version: 1.0
Lists contact information for approved Visa Ready security testing providers and test tool vendors.
Visa Ready Qualified Token Service Providers Directory  NEWPublic
Published: Aug-17