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This page provides information on who to contact at Visa for additional information.

The following table lists the mailbox link for questions about the topics listed in the second column.

TechnologyPartner Mailbox
  • Visa Technology Partner website
  • Chip and Mobile Registration
  • Chip and Mobile Licensing agreement process and questions Visa Europe contact

TechQuest Mailbox

For all technical questions about chip, please email the TechQuest mailbox with one Keyword in the Subject Line, enabling your email/question to be directed to the appropriate technical subject matter expert.

To retrieve the most current list of TechQuest topics and keywords, send an email to without any keywords in the subject line. TechQuest will respond with an email containing the current list.
  • Cloud-based Payments Program
  • Visa Ready for Cloud-based Payments
  • Visa Ready for Mobile Secure Element (SE) Payments
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Visa Ready Program for mPOS
Chip Toolkits Mailbox
  • Product Toolkit licensing requests
  • Toolkit pricing information
  • Visa Product toolkits
  • Third-party toolkits
Approval Services Mailbox
  • Approval Services Testing Agreements (ATSA)
  • Approval Services Test plans
  • Approval Services Testing process
  • Authorized testing vendors
  • Approval Services test vendors
  • Branding for readers/terminals
  • Branding for chip cards and chip requirements